“I just LOVE Achill Island!”

Keem Bay Achill IslandThis is the title of one of the reviews of Atlantic Drive on Achill Island. And no wonder! This place is spellbindingly gorgeous. If you don’t believe me, just click on this link to Trip Advisor’s review.

But beware! If you do, you might start itching to get into the car and visit us straight away. You’ve been forewarned! And if you’re really brave and the boss is not looking over your shoulder you might also check out some other pics of Achill on Trip Advisor. Visitors don’t lie. It really is THAT stunning 🙂

Keem Bay – “A must see”, “Well worth the drive”, “Utopia”

Keel Beach (the Festival takes place a short walk from here) – “Stunning and most relaxing place on Earth”

Kildownet Castle (Grainne O’Malley, the Pirate Queen, used to live there) – “A beautiful place with stunning scenery. Very calm and relaxing atmosphere would appeal to people of all ages!”

See you soon? Achill Holistic Festival Team Achill bus


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