Aura Photography – Angela Brady

Aura Photography by Angela BradyOur aura, scientifically the electro-magnetic energy that surrounds the physical body, is a perfect mirror of how we are – mind, body and spirit.   We arrive into this lifetime on a colour ray and with a beautifully coloured aura surrounding us.  This colour reflects our personality, our gifts and our life challenges.

As life proceeds our auras can be affected by conditioning, health, events etc.

Your Aura Consultation will generate a photograph of yourself, a smaller photograph of your full aura complete with your chakras and a series of graphs showing your energy levels, your stress levels etc.

A very important part of the consultation is the personal interpretation of your aura and it’s health.   The aura photograph and the consultation costs €30 and is offered on the first come first served basis.

At the festival the consultants will be Angela, assisted by Maebh.

About Angela Brady

Angela BradyAngela is a Reiki master, Rahanni healer and counselling therapist. She brings all these qualifications to Aura Photography Consultations.


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