Bio-Energy Therapy – Agata Nowicka

What is Bio-Energy Therapy

Achill Bioenergy Therapy ad

Bio-Energy Therapy is a gentle but very powerful hands-on healing technique working on the body, mind and spirit.

Bio-Energy Therapy can help with a variety of issues, ranging from:

  • back/ neck/ shoulder pain

  • sports injuries

  • trapped nerves, muscular spasms

  • digestive issues

  • persistent infections and weak immune system

  • chronic diseases (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, arthritis or Crohn’s disease)

  • hormonal imbalances (including infertility, menopause symptoms, painful periods, excessive weight)

  • insomnia

  • migraine

  • to anxiety, depression, trauma and emotional pain etc.

Bio-Energy Therapy can also be used to energise an otherwise healthy body to achieve a feeling of profound relaxation and wellbeing, improve sports performance and promote tissue regeneration and rejuvenation of the body.

A Bio-Energy Session is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. The fully dressed patient sits comfortably on a chair or lies on a massage bed while the therapist is working in silence. Many people get so relaxed that they fall asleep, which is a great sign that the body has already got into a self-healing state.

Find  out more about Bio-Energy Therapy, Agata’s story and her work in this 20-minute radio interview:

About Agata Nowicka

Inner Goddess Workshop_Agata NowickaAgata Nowicka Ms. Sc, Psych, Dip. Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy is a psychologist and coach specialising in women’s psychology and spirituality. She is also a Bio-Energy therapist and a Theta Healing Practitioner.

About three years ago Agata visited Achill for the first time and was so mesmerised by its beauty and powerful healing energy that she decided to run her practice and workshops from here.

Agata offers one-to-one Bio-Energy Therapy sessions at her therapy room in Slievemore near Keel as well as distantly over Skype (find out more about distant healing here).

She also offers individual counselling and coaching sessions. Her main tools are: Sedona Method and Theta Healing, both powerful emotional release techniques, very helpful at healing heartbreak, hurt, trauma and releasing any emotional blocks and limiting beliefs (more info and videos here).

Agata runs Inner Goddess workshops for women helping them to heal emotional trauma and to tap into their sacred femininity and intuition.

Read more about Agata’s work with Bio-Energy Therapy and her offer on her website and about her coaching work on her website

Check Agata’s availability for individual sessions (Bio-Energy Therapy and Coaching) in the Festival Timetable. Go to Workshops to see what workshops she is offering this year.

To book a session with Agata check her availability on the Festival Schedule and ring her on 087 936 20 97 or book at the Festival Check-In Desk in St. Colman’s, Keel (open 10 AM – 6 PM, 7th – 9th Aug 2015)

Special Festival Price for this therapy is €40 (normal price 50)

Book by 1st August 2015 and avail of 10% Early Bird discount!


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