Light Grids Healing Technique – Patrycja Kurczynska

Light Grids healing technique

Light Grids HealingLight Grids is a healing technique channelled by Damien Wynne by which connecting and touching certain points on the physical body and within the energy field of a person, allows clearing and healing on a very deep level from blocks and issues that are holding you back.

The healing session ( one -on -one or a group healing) works primarily at a subconscious level, and with some aspects at a conscious level. It is always Your Higher Self that allows healing your physical body.

How does it work?

Light Grids are frequencies that are part of you. These frequencies which connect each chakra and your energetic field are holding a blueprint of our human history. During the session we are opening up these stories and allowing them to heal so that love can inhabit your body.

Light Grids are going directly to the core of the issue, the seeds of all issues and helping you to deal with then on a unconscious level, giving you back your power.

Light Grid reminds us that we are always connected to our higher Self that is constantly taking care of us and loves us unconditionally.

What to expect from a session

During the group session, each person brings their own list of priorities that they would like to work on, even when they are not aware of. In a group work we are working together to release those programs and fears.

The energy moves the topics from the head to the heart and helps to cleanse the cells from collective negative programs. This way we can clear them from our cellular memory so we don’t have to carry them anymore.

The clients lay down, relaxed and fully clothed. Each session is usually 1 hour long

After the session people reported feeling deeply relaxed, lighter in a sense of peace.

Each session is different and it will affect each individual differently depending on what they are expecting in their lives on: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

In the end, the most powerful statement you can make is: “I Am that I Am.” And your Soul that has connect and transformed your heart and body will create the new true YOU

Benefits of the Light Grid healing session:

  •   Brings abundance, fluidity into your daily life by letting go of ego structures, illusions, control and negative thought forms
  •  Gives more clarity in life
  •  Heart-center awareness of life
  •  Ability to speak the truth and connect through the heart
  •  Creates an alignment with your soul purpose
  •  Deeper connection with one’s true self
  •  Deeper trust of inner voice and being able to act on that guidance with greater confidence and knowing
  •  Deeper ability to know and love one’s self unconditionally
  •  Heightened awareness and ability to make clear decisions in life
  •  Allow to reclaim your power as a spiritual being
  •  Grounds the spirit to the body, allows your true light to shine
  •  Clears old blockages and patterns ( including past lives), such as: shame, guilt, criticism, anger from our physical body
  •  Increases intuition , inner knowing and inner wisdom
  •  Greater inner guidance in all aspects of life
  •  Seeing divinity in yourself and others
  •  And much, much more …..


Thank you and the oils for the most beautiful healing. Can’t thank you enough. Hope all your dreams come true!!! Zuzanna Sladeckova

This was so amazing! Thank you ! Brilliant session and info afterwards. Manini Linuza

About Patrycja Kurczynska

PatrycjaPatrycja is Polish and has been living in Dublin for years. She is a Reiki Master, Light Grids practitioner and aromatherapy practitioner.

To book a session with Patrycja check her availability on the Festival Schedule and ring Agata on 087 936 20 97 or book at the Festival Check-In Desk in St. Colman’s, Keel (open 10 AM – 6 PM, 7th – 9th Aug 2015)

Special Festival Price for this therapy is €40 (normal price €50)

Book by 1st August 2015 and avail of 10% Early Bird discount!


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