About Achill Island

Stunning. Everywhere you look, you gasp. Multiply Cliffs of Moher by a hundred. All this has been said about Achill Island.

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Achill dolmen 2Achill is the largest Irish island and the most westerly Irish island. The next islands to the West would be Atlantis and Hy-Breasil (according to tradition both visible from Achill once in so many years – some say 7, some say a 100).

Many of you will remember Achill from your childhood holidays.

You will remember the gorgeous sandy beaches, the beautiful scenery… and the 8-9 hour long drive from Dublin. Well, just to let you know things have got better! Now it only takes about 4 hours to get here from the capital.

Drive times from major Irish cities to Keel, Achill Island according to Uncle Google (without traffic):

Westport or Castlebar – Keel, Achill: 1 hour

Belfast – Keel, Achill: 4 hours 45 mins

Cork – Keel, Achill: 4.5 hours

Dublin – Keel, Achill: 4 hours

Galway – Keel, Achill: 2 hours 20 mins

Sligo – Keel, Achill: 2 hours 15 mins

Keem Bay Achill Island

Keem Bay, Achill Island. Have you just gasped? 😉 Good!

Bridge to Achill

Bridge to Achill

Achill is commonly confused with the Aran Islands and it is assumed that one needs to take the ferry to get here.

Good news, you don’t!

We are connected to the mainland by a bridge.


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