Achill Holistic Festival 2015 is a voluntary initiative by a group of Achill-based therapists and teachers:

Maebh O’Herlihy, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Teacher and Psychotherapist

Ute Klingler, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner

Rosaleen Needham, Satyananda Yoga Teacher

and Agata Nowicka, Psychologist, Coach and Bio-Energy Therapy Practitioner

All the work towards organising the Festival is done on a voluntary basis – just because we love our work, Achill Island and the people we serve.

Our goal is that people of Mayo and visitors to our beautiful island alike can learn about and try various complimentary therapies and healing modalities. We hope that every participant of Achill Holistic Festival will discover a therapy or a healing modality that will particularly suit their body type, personality and goals allowing them to overcome any physical or emotional difficulties as well as grow and flourish as a person.

AHA Poster 2012

Historic Festival poster 2012

In order to facilitate trying a few different therapies and workshops, we offer individual sessions and workshops at very special festival prices:

Therapies: €40 per hour (normal price: €50)

Workshops: from €20 to €40

Early Bird (must pay beforehand by Postal Order): further 10% discount

And last but not least, it’s not an accident that we offer our holistic services on Achill Island and that Achill Holistic Festival is held here.

Achill dolmen 2Achill has a unique, magical and powerfully healing energy. The air here is pure and we are surrounded by the ocean. The wind constantly blows away any pollution, both chemical and magnetic. What’s more, Achill sits on a bedrock of amethyst and clear quarz, both well known healing crystals. And its staggeringly beautiful.

Just being here for a couple of days allows the body and mind to relax and get into a healing mode. We feel that the energy of the Island does half the healing work for us. We are passionate about these special healing properties of our (in most cases) adoptive home and we would love our clients to experience them as well.

Achill has a long tradition as a healing place. We know of good few healing wells here and a healing river coming down from Slievemore called White Mary in Irish – a name which hints at its healing qualities.

The grass on the slope of Slievemore Mountain towering over Achill is reported to have healing qualities as well – a fact known to farmers from times immemorial. I was told by a local man that they used to bring sickly cattle to Slievemore knowing that the grass would soon make them better.

Slievemore harbours more secrets hinting at its uniqueness and high energy: in the middle of it there are over 10 megalithic structures, ranging from so called court tombs to stone circles, today mostly overgrown by the bog – a concentration quite uncanny for such a small and remote island. The people who built those structures about 6 thousand years ago (yes, 6 THOUSAND!!) must have had an important reason for it. And one of the them is just being excavated – exciting!

For more information about the archeology of Slievemore visit the website of Achill Archaeology Field School  and their Facebook page. You can also join us on Friday evening, 7th August 2015 for a Tour of Sacred and Fairy Sites of Achill (more info in Evening Events).

Here is a video we found on TED about the importance of a place for healing. It explains pretty well why Achill is such a powerfully healing place.


*Background photo © Jake Scott Images; Contact: sona.baile@yahoo.ie 087 1713272


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