Useful Info

8608_419460191486499_29754141_nIn this section you will find useful information about Achill Island. We believe it’s a fascinating and healing place so we hope you will include Achill Holistic Festival within a longer holiday. We would like to make it easy for you so, with the help of our friends of this website aims to be a one-stop shop 🙂

For videos, pictures and news about Achill Island please type “ACHILL” in the search box above. The search will list all the relevant blog posts.

(Just to let you know that a week before Achill Holistic Festival 2014 another major event is taking place on Achill Island: Scoil Acla, Traditional Irish Music and Cultural School, 26th July – 2nd August. There will be a lot of amazing sessions in local pubs!)

GENERAL INFO ABOUT ACHILL (every bit of practical info about Achill and available services you might need)

Achill Tourism (official visitor’s guide to Achill Island and the Currane Peninsula)

What’s On in Achill (Achill news on Facebook)

Achill Island Holidays (more Achill news and cool things about the Island on Facebook)

Achill Business Network (official Facebook page of Achill business and services providers – yes, we work together!)

Achill bus

If this pic made you gasp come to Achill and see this view LIVE. Keem beach, Achill Island. Background: Minaun Cliffs seen from Keel


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