Bridge to Achill

Bridge to Achill – no need to take the ferry!

To find out how to get to Keel village on Achill Island (this is where Achill Holistic Festival is taking place) click this link: How Do I Get to Achill?

It will re-direct you to page which contains all the necessary info in relation to travel, including current Irish Rail and Bus Eireann timetables and distances/ travel time from major Irish cities.


Just a few examples according to Uncle Google (without traffic):

Westport or Castlebar – Keel, Achill: 1 hour

Belfast – Keel, Achill: 4 hours 45 mins

Cork – Keel, Achill: 4.5 hours

Dublin – Keel, Achill: 4 hours

Galway – Keel, Achill: 2 hours 20 mins

Sligo – Keel, Achill: 2 hours 15 mins


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