For profiles and full offer of all the therapists and teachers taking part in Achill Holistic Festival type the name of the therapist in the SEARCH box above, right hand corner.

For their availability go to:

Festival Timetable Achill Holistic Festival Timetable 7-9 Aug 2015

Please find below links to their websites and Facebook pages:

Agata Nowicka: Achill Bio-Energy Therapy & Goddess Unleashed – Counselling and Coaching for Women

Ute Klingler: Way To Myself – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Avalon TeamAvalon Magic Health

Rosaleen Needham: Satyananda Yoga

Carina Kennedy: Natural Choice – Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbalism

Gerry Browne: Spiritual Healer & Teacher

Angela Brady: Rahanni Celestial Healing

Anne Galagher: Spiritual Medium

Natalia Solarska Theta Healing

Anne Tyrrell: Sound  Therapist

For full listing of available therapies please go to Individual Therapies.

For programme of group activities please go to Workshops and Evening Events.

To book sessions and places at workshops please ring

Agata on 087 936 20 97

AHA Therapits 2012

Therapists at Achill Holistic Festival


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